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Our app uses advanced technology to track your driving in real time, providing complete accuracy and simplifying reporting to the taxman.
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Reliable – Application Solutions for Driving Logs

These application solutions have been developed in collaboration with our users since 2011, offering reliability and versatility. Satellite tracking and OBD2 technology make maintaining driving logs smooth and efficient. With over 100,000 downloads, our solutions' popularity and user satisfaction are evident. Try it yourself and join the ranks of satisfied users!

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Manage your journeys effortlessly with the DriveNoter app!

This intuitive app tracks your journeys, hours worked and travel expenses safely and efficiently. It allows you to easily separate work and leisure trips, and you can track your hours with the built-in timer. Connect the app directly to your car's OBD2 port or use your smartphone's GPS functionality for complete accuracy.

DriveNoter's reporting feature allows you to generate reports directly from your device and share them quickly via email or the cloud, for example. The application supports Excel files and ensures that all the necessary information for the tax authorities is collected and stored securely.

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Cabidi - The perfect tool for taxi drivers.

The Cabidi app simplifies the management of transportation and ensures that all necessary information is recorded in accordance with the law. By connecting the app to a SumUp payment terminal, you quickly gain access to all essential transportation details. The app includes a driving log, timekeeping, price estimation, driver's logbook, and payment system integration, making it an ideal solution for challenges in the taxi industry.

Manage multiple drivers and devices effortlessly through Cabidi's cloud service, designed to streamline business processes. We also offer a trial period, so you can try the app before deciding to implement it. Contact us to receive a personalized offer and start using Cabidi today!

When used correctly, DriveNoter and Cabidi meet the requirements set by the tax authorities.

Bugs fixed with updates. now works great! absolutely indispensable software for company driving, keeping the logbook easy and up to date!
Tuomas K
Best software A useful program and lots of functions. Clear to use and the automatic start and stop function with OBD is an ISO plus!
Tuomas K
Juha P
Good app!, I use this often. An easy and reliable way to keep track of your journeys.
Juha P
An excellent application. I have not encountered any problems with Ajoki even though I have used it a lot. The OBD functionality is excellent and the new cloud is stunning.I will definitely be using this app for a long time. Thank you very much for a great product.

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