For Android devices

Use your mobile phone to keep a logbook easily and without fixed installations or wiring.

The modern mobile phone is a convenient substitute for different devices and supports more than one satellite technology, so the distance travelled is always reliably measured.

Select measurement method

Our software accurately measures driving distances using mobile phone-enabled positioning satellites.

Alternatively, you can connect your phone directly to your car's trip computer using an OBD2 adapter. This way, your journeys are always recorded accurately and effortlessly.

Select action

The DriveNoter logbook gives you the freedom to choose how you want to measure your journeys.

You can opt out of automatic measurement or enter the distances manually if you wish.

Automatic measurement based on artificial intelligence ensures that every trip is logged.

It also recognises whether you're in the car, so your journeys are always accurately recorded.

Worktime logbook

DriveNoter Logbook has a timesheet and shift system function that makes it easy to track and record working hours.

This makes it easy for you to keep track of your hours and ensure that your hours and pay are always correct.


In the DriveNoter logbook, you can easily choose whether you are driving for work or for personal use.

Built-in time tracking makes it easy to keep track of your working hours, so you can be sure that your time tracking is always accurate and up-to-date.


With DriveNoter Logbook, you can easily take reports directly from your device and share them via email or Google Drive, for example.

You can also save the reports as Excel files, so you can easily process and share the data with other programs.


DriveNoter (Ajokki)

Drive safely and keep your travel bills in order with DriveNoter! This easy-to-use tool helps you keep track of your driving trips, hours worked and travel expenses. DriveNoter is designed for anyone who wants to make their life easier and get a better overview of their mileage.

The software allows you to mark whether a trip is for work or leisure and the built-in time tracking makes it easy to keep track of your hours. You can also connect your phone to your car's trip computer using an OBD2 adapter or use mobile phone-enabled positioning satellites to measure your journey.

The DriveNoter app also includes a report function that allows you to take reports directly from your device and easily share them via email or Google Drive, for example. Excel files are also supported. The app allows you to store your data on your device and get reports from the cloud (sold separately).

DriveNoter is a great choice for individuals and businesses who want to keep their driving data and hourly records conveniently in one app. Drive safely and manage your travel invoices efficiently with DriveNoter!


Cabidi is the solution for all taxi drivers who are looking for an easy-to-use and reliable system to record their journeys. By law, all transport data must be recorded, and Cabidi makes this process effortless. Using it in conjunction with the SumUp payment terminal allows you to collect all the necessary data to report on your transports quickly and easily.

Cabidi is not a taximeter, but it allows you to contract a ride according to your own price estimate and price list. The app includes many handy features such as a driver's logbook, hourly accounting, price estimation and a payment system. All these features together make Cabid the perfect tool for taxi drivers who want to make their work easier and save time.

If you have multiple drivers and equipment, we recommend Cabid's cloud service, which helps you manage all your transports conveniently in one place. Let us know your needs and we'll give you a quote to suit your needs. And if you'd like to get to know Cabid before you deploy it, we'd be happy to arrange a trial so you can try it out in practice. Cabidi is the solution for all your taxi needs, so get in touch and start using it today!

Made in Finland

Our software has been developed together with our users since 2011, so you can be sure that it will work perfectly in a wide range of use cases. We are actively developing the software, so you can be confident that it will always be up-to-date and meet all your needs.

Our logbook is equipped with a wide range of features to ensure it works in all conditions. It uses satellite positioning or, alternatively, the OBD2 interface of the trip computer to measure data, making the use of the logbook even easier and more effortless.

Our diary and its sister apps have been hugely popular around the world, with over 100,000 downloads on Google Play. Every day, more than 2,500 users actively use our apps, demonstrating their high quality and practicality. We constantly strive to improve our apps to better meet the needs of our users, so you can be confident that they are always up-to-date and user-friendly. Join us and try our apps today!


  • Data excel export and share
  • Work or private drive modes
  • Worktime logbook
  • Shift start/stop
  • Distance and time measure
  • Works background during phone call
  • AI-based automation
  • Speed display
  • Automatic address resolve
  • OSM Maps
  • HUD Mode
  • Car location and route history
  • REST API integration
  • And lots of feature....

OBD2 features

  • Automatic start or stop
  • In OBD mode, the distance is measured from the speed provided by the trip computer
  • Fuel consumption display
  • Actual fuel consumption on screen
  • Fuel consumption warning sound
  • Engine RPM and temperature
  • OBD device memory
  • Display, ECO, L/100km, Temp, RPM
  • ECO profile
  • And lots of feature....

PRO features

  • Four programmable basic rates
  • Four different extra rates
  • Pay price per minute setting
  • Measuring the tariff in several ways
  • Set start fee
  • Night/Day fee settings
  • Waiting fee
  • Min fare
  • Automatic waiting price mode on low speed
  • Edit price during "fly"
  • Interated payouts via SumUp
  • Car location and route history
  • Car status on map
  • And lots of feature....

Embrace your work and your drives

Whether you want to track your working day or your driving, our easy-to-use app is the right solution for you. No more worrying about big fixed installations in your car or the hassle of wiring - our app does it all for you.

Our app is ideal for both personal and business use, and we can even offer businesses access to multiple devices at once with billing.

Our software's artificial intelligence automatically marks your journeys, making it easier than ever to keep track of your transports and your working day. You can even complete the data at the end of the working day, so you don't have to remember to mark each journey separately. Our app does everything for you, so you can focus on other important things. Try our app today and see how easy life can be!

Bugs fixed with updates. now works great! absolutely indispensable software for company driving, keeping the logbook easy and up to date!
Tuomas K
Best software A useful program and lots of functions. Clear to use and the automatic start and stop function with OBD is an ISO plus!
Tuomas K
Juha P
Good app!, I use this often. An easy and reliable way to keep track of your journeys.
Juha P
An excellent application. I have not encountered any problems with Ajoki even though I have used it a lot. The OBD functionality is excellent and the new cloud is stunning.I will definitely be using this app for a long time. Thank you very much for a great product.

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