Driving and work logbook

Actively developed since 2011

Driving log, taximeter and hourly accounting in one. Designed for every kind of use, from person to person for transportation, companies and individuals. You can access our program for free, without obligation.



  • Data excel export and share
  • Work or private trive modes
  • Worktime logbook
  • Shift start/stop
  • Distance and time measure
  • Works background during phone call
  • Can be used with metric or imperial units
  • Four adjustaple tarrif
  • Speed display
  • Automatic address resolve
  • OSM Maps
  • HUD Mode
  • Car location and route history
  • REST API integration
  • And lots of feature....


  • Automatic start or stop
  • OBD-tilassa matkan pituus mitataan ajotietokoneelta saatavasta nopeudesta
  • Fuel consumption display
  • Actual fuel consumption on screen
  • Fuel consumption warning sound
  • Egine RPM and temperature
  • OBD device memory
  • Display, ECO, L/100km, Temp, RPM
  • ECO profile


  • Four programmable basic rates
  • Four different extra rates
  • Taksa hinta/minuutti asetus
  • Fare measur with time, distance or with both
  • Set start fee
  • Night/Day fee settings
  • Waiting fee
  • Min fare
  • Automatic waiting price mode on low speed
  • Edit price during "fly"
  • Interated payouts via SumUp
  • Car location and route history
  • Car status on map
  • Customer finder system
  • And lots of feature....

Easy and Safe

We have proudly worked with our users to develop a driving logbook since 2011. Our logbook is the first application on the market to utilize GPS and OBD. The driving log and its sisters have been downloaded more than 20,000 times on Google Play and have over 1,500 active users daily. We are actively developing the logbook and make sure that its functions meet the needs of our users.


Intended for anyone who wants to easily keep a logbook and tax deduction or reimbursement from eg an employer. Designed for anyone who wants to keep a logbook for their own needs, and thus keep costs down. Designed for anyone who drives a van or van for business. For all taxi drivers who want to decide for themselves when, how much and what they drive.

Google Play prices

Google Play Consumer Subscription Rates (HOX! For Business, we require the purchase of a license for each device you use -> see separate billing)

Starter Moderate Pro Business
Tilaukset 1 kk 3 kk 6 kk 12 kk
Hinta* 9.99€ 28.99€ 49.99€ 104.99€
Kokeilut 14 päivää 14 päivää EI EI

* Prices include 24% Finnish VAT (Google calculates country taxes), orders placed through Google Play will be billed by Google. Google Play subscriptions follow Google's cancellation and subscription policy. With the first install on Google Play, the user gets 25 free trials. If you would like to order a license by invoice, please see the Billing Rates LASKULLE

SumUp + Cabidi

Make payments via SumUp

With the SumUp payment terminal and our Cabidi taximeter you can easily and easily get into the taxi business. SumUp is a monthly free payment terminal for your phone where you pay only 0.95% per debit transaction (credit 2.75%). You receive payments directly to your account.

The payment terminal connects via Bluetooth to a compatible iOS / Android smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is create an account for SumUp, it only takes 5 minutes to create an account and no paperwork is required. You will then order your payment terminal and other supplies (eg a receipt printer) from SumUp.

By using the SumUp payment system, the receipt securely stores the basic information in the SumUp system along with the receipt. The data can be used for accounting purposes. The receipt information includes the start and end time and place of the journey, the address with start / end address with the street name, driver information entered in the settings, registration number, taxi number, journey time, wait / slow travel time, price of the journey. Data stored in SumUp cannot be edited or deleted later.

For professional passenger transport, check current Traficom regulations. The recommended function is to use the contract rate and agree with the customer the exact details of how the price will be formed. Driving will leave the driver with an official record, as well as a receipt for SumUp. We also store receipt and travel information on our own trusted server where it can be retrieved using device information when needed.

It is the responsibility of the driver / transporter to use the software and equipment available in the business! kts. Traficom virallinen tiedote 25.6.2018   “There is no statutory approval procedure for these devices, so each company is responsible for the conformity of the devices they use. "

With this link, you will receive a discount of 12 € from the payment terminal at http://fbuy.me/jC1pR

Ewooks Cloud

Ewooks Cloud is an additional service that collects driving and work diary information on a one-to-one basis for each customer. The service can generate various reports and statistics from the information. The Ewooks Cloud service can also be used for real-time vehicle tracking and for direct communication with drivers, eg via instant messaging. The basic package includes a logbook and work history. In addition, the PRO package includes fleet tracking / communication and light payment tracking. The PRO pack is well suited for transport and taxi use. We are constantly developing new features. Ask for pricing and free trial.

Integrate into your system

Do you need the driving or work log information for your system? Built-in support for REST interfaces for mobile applications. It is possible to activate the interface on a device-by-device basis and receive uploaded JSON data to your system directly from the application. Through the interface, it is possible to send trip data, a work diary, a shift, and real-time position information of the device / vehicle to the external system while the shift is in progress. Interface pricing is calculated per customer.

What our customers says?

Bellow you see feedback from our customers

bugit korjaantunu päivitysten myötä. nyt toimii loistavasti! täysin korvaamaton softa yrityksen autoilussa, millä pidetään ajopäiväkirja helppona ja ajantasalla!
Tuomas K
Hyvä softa Hyödyllien ohjelma ja paljon toimintoja. Selkeä käyttää ja OBD:n kanssa toimivasta automaattisestä start ja stop toiminnosta ISO plus!
Tuomas K
Juha P
Hyvä sovellus!, Käytän tätä useasti. Helppo ja luotettava tapa pitää kirjaa ajetuista matkoista.
Juha P
Erinomainen applikaatio. En ole kohdannut mitään ongelmia Ajokin kanssa vaikka olen sitä käyttänyt paljon. OBD toiminnallisuus on oivallinen ja uusi cloud on huima.Tulen käyttämään tätä applikaatiota taatusti pitkään. Kiitos erittäin paljon hyvästä tuotteesta.
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